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It's Halloween, Little


Join Little Pumpkin for a Halloween adventure! The strange sights and sounds of Halloween can be a bit scary, but once little ones read this exuberant tale they will be eager to Trick or Treat. Push the button to get in on the Halloween action.

- Illustrated by Robin Boyer -

It's Easter, Little Bunny

Join Little Bunny for some Easter fun! The egg hunt is on, and Little Bunny and friends are searching all around the yard. Push the button for an Easter message.

- Illustrated by Robin Boyer -

The Pentecost


Part of the popular Arch Book rhyming Bible series, this lively story tells the story of how God sent the Holy Spirit upon the disciples at Pentecost and still is present with us today.

- Illustrated by Dave Hill -
The Little Shepherd 2.jpg

The Little


A little shepherd boy gets a big surprise while he is tending his sheep in a field outside Bethlehem. A visit from some angels leads him to a stable on the very first Christmas.

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
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